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Forty-seven people get a spinal cord injury every day in the U. But for each of these people, the accident that causes their injury changes their entire lives. Being born disabled means you learn how to live with your impairment from a young age. Being disabled due to an injury brings many mental challenges spinal injury dating a new type of loss. You have to take everything you knew about living your life and thrown it out the window.

Parenting spinal injury dating a SCI. Getting back into the dating game after a spinal cord injury takes time. For many, it can take years. It's natural to feel this way. Online dating, just out and about, at work, euiniting with old high school flames, meeting their spouse in rehab and more, people with SCI meet folks to dates in a ton of different ways. But remember, even able-bodied people share this fear in normal situations. Please, don't let this happen. An open heart can bring more people into your circle.

Even with spinal injuries, spinal injury dating want to be close to and even be intimate with other people. Yet they wonder if they can ever be seen as attractive to anyone else. Sexual activity is possible in people with spinal cord injuries. A spinal cord injured patient is no different than anyone else when it comes to wanting relationships with others. Even though wheelchairs are common enough, people often stare at those who must use them and often feel that they have a lesser intellect when compared to able-bodied individuals. These kinds of issues make it very nerve-wracking for those paralyzed people who just want to get out and have fun.
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Although each spinal cord injury has some commonalities, they are not the same for any two people. Some spinal cord injury patients still feel sensations, heaviness, cramps, and twitching. The twitching or movements are strictly spinal injury dating. The patients also experience muscle spasms in the feet, toes, and hands. The spasms come at any time of day or night but m ore so as they are lying down. They feel like their body weighs a ton or specifically, like an elephant is sitting on them.

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